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Conference Articles

Properties of a novel binderless Y-type zeolite for thermal adsorption storage applications

J. Jänchen, T. Herzog, K. Schumann, A. Brandt, B. Unger

17th International Zeolite Congress, Moscow, Russia, 7 – 12 July 2013


Methanol versus water in thermal adsorption storage

J. Jänchen, T.H. Herzog, W. van Helden, W. Wagner, H. Kerskes, T. Badenhop

27. Deutsche Zeolith-Tagung Oldenburg, Germany, 25 – 27 February, 2015


Natural zeolites in thermal adsorption storage and building materials for solar energy utilization in houses

J. Jänchen, T.H. Herzog, E. Thrun

3rd Southern African Solar Energy Conference, Kruger National Park, South Africa, 11 – 13 May 2015


Other Articles

Adsorption properties of porous materials for solar thermal energy storage and heat pump applications

J. Jänchen, H. Stach

Article online available at www.sciencedirect.comEnergy Procedia, Volume 30, p. 289-293